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Creative Enzymes is a leading company in the enzyme industry. We provide a variety of enzyme substrates for both production and research. In biochemistry, substrates are molecules targeted by enzymes. They participate in enzyme catalyzed reactions and are converted or broken down to other biologically active molecules. The substrates bind to the activity site of the enzyme and then form the enzyme-substrate complex. After transformed to the products, substrates are released from the enzymes. Thus, the substrates have an indispensable part in the enzymatic reaction.

Creative Enzymes offers substrates in high purity and variable volumes to meet all your needs. The substrates here cover most areas in industrial production and exploratory experiments. Our main substrate products include:

Creative Enzymes is specialized in the enzyme industry. We are proud to provide all types of products and services that are related to enzymes, especially enzyme substrates. Creative Enzymes guarantees high purity of the enzymes substrate products, which are manufactured with quality assurances and certified by HPLC or other fine analysis methods. In addition, we also supply substrates in different purity grades and specifications to meet various demands. These substrates can be used in many aspects of the enzyme activity measurement or production practices.

Products Type
Zymogens Enzymes Coenzymes Substrates Inhibitors Others
Product Name
Product Name
EC No.
EC No.
CAS No.137868-52-1

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