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Almond Kernel Powder

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Almond powder can be applied to baked goods, beverages, health food.
White powder with a fresh, realistic almond aroma unique flavor.
Almond powder, can maintain the skin, pigmentation, skin white and tender. Cough and phlegm, throat and windpipe to make strong function, Lung, lungs, solid lung, cowardly cold, very suitable for smokers. Rich in fiber can promote bowel movements, stomach and intestines, helps digestion, cure constipation. Vitamin B17 have anticancer effects, but also enhance the ability of anti-allergic. Phosphorus, iron, calcium and unsaturated fatty acids, is to maintain the health of important nutrients, daily drinking can quickly add nutrition, maintain physical strength. Almond flour is also very good weight-loss products. Almond powder contains the best vitamin E and dietary fiber food source, 30 g almond powder can provide 6 grams of protein, 7.4 mg of vitamin E and 3.3 grams of dietary fiber. Since almond flour are sources of monounsaturated fatty acids, known as "good fats", so it can produce medicine often say "fake food and clothing", insist on taking can play a significant slimming effect on heart health is also very favorable, good to play the anti-aging effects. Almonds contain natural vitamin E, eat almonds can beautify the skin, moisturize the skin. Almonds contain VB17, have anti-cancer effect, eat almonds can prevent cancer.
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