Enzymes for Research, Diagnostic and Industrial Use

FAME mixture 1301

Cat No.
>99% (all components have a purity over 99%)
C 8:0 Methyl octanoate 3.23%
C 10:0 Methyl decanoate 3.23%
C 12:0 Methyl Laurate 3.23%
C 12:1w1Z 11Z-Methyl 11-Dodecenoate 3.23%
C 14:0 Methyl myristate 3.23%
C 14:1w5Z 9Z-Methyl Myristoleate 3.23%
C 16:0 Methyl palmitate 3.23%
C 16:1w7 9Z-Methyl palmitoleate 3.23%
C 18:0 Methyl stearate 3.23%
C 18:1w9Z 9Z-Methyl oleate 3.23%
C 18:1w12Z 6Z-Methyl Petroselinate 3.23%
C 18:1w7Z 11Z-Methyl vaccinate 3.23%
C 18:2w6Z 9Z,12Z-Methyl linoleate 3.23%
C 18:3w3Z 9Z,12Z,15Z-Methyl linolenate 3.23%
C 18:3w6Z 6Z,9Z,12Z-Methyl gamma linolenate 3.23%
C20:0 Methyl Eicosanoate 3.23%
C 20:1w15Z 5Z-Methyl 5-Eicosenoate 3.23%
C 20:1w12Z 8Z-Methyl 8-Eicosenoate 3.23%
C 20:1w9Z 11Z-Methyl 11-Eicosenate 3.23%
C 20:2w6Z 11Z,14Z-Methyl 11,14-Eicosadienoate 3.23%
C 20:3w6Z 8Z,11Z,14Z-Methyl 8,11,14-Eicosatrienoate 3.23%
C 20:3w3Z 11Z,14Z,17Z-Methyl 11,14,17-Eicosatrienoate 3.23%
C 20:4w6Z 5Z,8Z,11Z,14Z-Methyl arachidonate 3.23%
C 22:0 Methyl Docosapentaenoate 3.23%
C 22:1w9Z 13Z-Methyl erucate 3.23%
C 22:2w6Z 13Z,16Z-Methyl docosadienoate 3.23%
C 22:3w3Z 13Z,16Z,19Z-Methyl docosatrienoate 3.23%
C 22:4w6Z 7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z-Methyl docosatetraenoate 3.23%
C 22:6w3Z 4Z,7Z,10Z,13Z,16Z,19Z-Methyl docosahexaenoate 3.23%
C 24:0 Methyl Tetracosanoate 3.23%
C 24:1w9Z 15Z-Methyl Nervonate 3.23%
At room temperature
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