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Native Mushrooms Polyphenol Oxidase

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Polyphenol oxidase is a tetramer that contains four atoms of copper per molecule, and binding sites for two aromatic compounds and oxygen. The enzyme catalyses the o-hydroxylation of monophenol molecules in which the benzene ring contains a single hydroxyl substituent) to o-diphenols (phenol molecules containing two hydroxyl substituents). It can also further catalyse the oxidation of o-diphenols to produce o-quinones. PPO causes the rapid polymerization of o-quinones to produce black, brown or red pigments (polyphenols) that cause fruit browning. The amino acid tyrosine contains a single phenolic ring that may be oxidised by the action of PPOs to form o-quinone. Hence, PPOs may also be referred to as tyrosinases.
Polyphenol Oxidase, Native (Mushrooms)
Product Overview
Polyphenol oxidase (tyrosinase) is a bifunctional, copper-containing oxidase having catecholase and cresolase activity. A lyophilized powder. Store at -20°C.
lyophilized powder
Enzyme Commission Number
> 500 units per mg dry weight
Molecular Weight
128 kDa (Duckworth and Coleman 1970).
The enzyme is a tetramer containing four gram atoms of copper per molecule (Jolley et al. 1974), and two binding sites for aromatic compounds including phenolic substrates. There is also a distinctly different binding site for oxygen, the copper site (Duckworth and Coleman 1970). The copper is probably in the cuprous state; inactivation of the enzyme is associated with increase in Cu2+. (Kertész et al. 1972). The amino acid composition has been determined. Extensive structural studies have been reported by Jolley et al. (1969); and Duckworth and Coleman (1970). See also Jolley et al. (1972, 1973, and 1974).
A large number of parasubstituted catechols areoxidized (Duckworth and Coleman 1970).
Unit Definition
One unit causes an increase in the absorbance at 280 nm of 0.001 per minute at 25°C, pH 6.5, using L-tyrosine as substrate.
Optimum pH
The lyophilized preparation is stable for 6-12 months when stored at-20°C.
Store at -20°C
Compounds that complex with copper. The enzyme is also inhibited competitively by benzoic acid with respect to catechol and by cyanide with respect to oxygen (Duckworth and Coleman 1970).
EC; Polyphenol oxidase; monophenol monooxygenase; Polyphenol oxidase I; chloroplastic
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