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Qualmix Fish S mixture

Cat No.
C 14:0 Methyl Tetradecanoate 7%
C 15:0 Methyl Pentadecanoate 3%
C 16:0 Methyl Hexadecanoate 13%
C 16:1 Methyl Palmitoleate (9c) 5%
C 18:0 Methyl Octadecanoate 3%
C 18:1 Methyl Oleate (9c) 10%
C 18:1 Methyl Vaccenate (11c) 4%
C 18:2 Methyl Linoleate (9c, 12c) 3%
C 18:3 Methyl Linolenate (9c, 12c, 15c) 2%
C 18:4 Methyl Octadecatetraenoate (6c, 9c, 12c, 15c) (Methyl Stearidonate) 1%
C 20:1 Methyl 11c-Eicosenoate 15%
C 20:4 Methyl Arachidonate (5c, 8c, 11c, 14c) 4%
C 20:5 Methyl Eicosapentaenoate (5c, 8c, 11c, 14c, 17c) 5%
C 22:1 Methyl Erucate (13c) 11%
C 22:4 Methyl Docosatetraenoate (7c, 10c, 13c, 16c) 2%
C 22:5 Methyl Docosapentaenoate ( 7c, 10c, 13c, 16c, 19c) 4%
C 22:6 Methyl Docosahexaenoate ( 4c, 7c, 10c, 13c, 16c, 19c) 8%
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