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Shaddock powder

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Shaddock (scientific name: Citrus maxima), also known as pomelo, Hong Luan, grapefruit, purple inside. Shaddock powder fragrance, sweet, cool moist, nutrient-rich, high medicinal value, is one of the people eating the fruit, but also the medical profession recognized the fruit of the most therapeutic effect. Grapefruit and grapefruit peel tea also has practical value, and can be used as medicine.
1, Shaddock powdercontains natural trace elements potassium in hypertensive patients required almost no sodium, so those who suffer from cardiovascular disease and kidney disease (renal insufficiency if accompanied by hyperkalemia, the non-edible) Best One diet fruit;
2, Shaddock powder contains a lot of vitamin C, can reduce blood cholesterol;
3, Shaddock powder pectin not only can reduce LDL levels, and can reduce the extent of damage to the arterial wall;
4, Shaddock powder as well as enhance the physical effect, it helps the body more easily absorb the calcium and iron, folic acid contained in natural, for pregnant women who have symptoms of anemia prevention and promote the effectiveness of fetal development;
5, fresh grapefruit meat contains ingredients chromium acts like insulin, can lower blood sugar;
6, it has the stomach, lungs, blood, bowel, to facilitate other effects, can promote wound healing, for sepsis and other good auxiliary effect;
7, Shaddock powder skin glycosides containing physiologically active substances, can reduce blood viscosity, thereby reducing the formation of blood clots, cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebral thrombosis, stroke, etc. have better preventive effect;
8, Shaddock powder sweet and sour, cool, with qi and phlegm, lungs and bowel, blood and spleen and other effects;
9, can cure eat less, pale mouth, indigestion embolism, can help digestion, expectorant and thirst, qi Sanjie;
10, Shaddock powder is rich in vitamin C and carotene fruit, protect the liver and promote liver regeneration function.
11, the effect of Shaddock powder with stomach, appetizer, promote digestion of high nutritional fruit. In addition, grapefruit as well as lowering blood glucose and cholesterol-lowering effect, to prevent the occurrence of anemia in pregnant women and the promotion of fetal development also has a good effect.
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