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Enzyme Activity Measurement for 5'-Nucleotidase

With decades of extensive experiences, Creative Enzymes prides itself on its commitment to providing our customers with the highest-quality enzyme assay services in research and industry. These years, Creative Enzymes has continued to grow with the same entrepreneurial and innovative spirit to promote our customers’ experience. Herein, we are honored to offer the highly precise enzymatic assay for 5'-nucleotidases.

5'-Nucleotidases (EC are a group of enzymes involved in the degradation pathways of nucleotides. These enzymes catalyze the hydrolysis of phosphate esterified at carbon 5’ of the ribose and deoxyribose portions of nucleotide molecules. 5'-Nucleotidase activities were first described in heart and skeletal muscle, and now these enzymes have been found in bacteria, plant, and especially vertebrates. Although the ability to hydrolyze 5’-mononucleotides is the common denominator among 5'-Nucleotidases from the various sources, they display significant differences in the range of substrates hydrolyzed as well as in substrate specificity. Except for a broad spectrum of 5’-purine and pyrimidine mononucleotides, 5’-dinucleotides and 5’-trinucleotides, or even complex nucleotides (such as UDP-glucose and FAD), can also be hydrolyzed by the 5'-nucleotidases. Moreover, these enzymes also differ in tissue specificity, subcellular localization, and primary structure. Cytosolic 5’-nucleotidase activity controls intracellular levels of nucleoside 5'-monophosphates, whereaz surface-located 5'-nucleotidase, anchored to the plasma membrane by glycosyl phosphatidylinositol (GPI), acts as a major contributor to the cascade that fully hydrolyzes extracellular ATP to adenosine in transmembrane signaling, and is also involved in cell-matrix or cell-cell interactions.

Additionally, 5'-nucleotidases play a vital role in medicine, nutrition, and pharmaceutical industries. For instance, the concentration of 5’-nucleotidases in the blood can be used as an indicator of liver function and a sign of lead poisoning. Furthermore, 5’-nucleotidases serve as the potential sites for pharmacological intervention to protect organs against nucleotide depletion. Thus, the significant utilizations promote a strong demand for monitoring the activities of 5'-nucleotidases. Creative Enzymes is fully qualified for providing the accurate enzyme activity assays for 5'-nucleotidases by using the spectrophotometric assays.

Having tested numerous enzymes in the past few years, Creative Enzymes has accumulated extensive research experiences for decades, which ensures the high reproducibility and accuracy of the activity measurement for enzymes of your interest. Regardless of the challenges in your project, Creative Enzymes will always offer the leading technical support and personalized customer service for the next development stage and will be your trustworthy partner for your research.

Enzyme Activity Measurement for 5'-Nucleotidase Figure: The crystal structure of human cytosolic 5'-nucleotidase II.

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