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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Chitosanase

Creative Enzymes is known for high-quality bioanalytical services and contract research specialized in enzyme activity assays. We serve the need of diverse clients from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and diagnostic industry with high accuracy and reliability. We are especially professional at determining enzyme activity for hydrolases such as chitosanase.

Chitosanase (EC is a hydrolase acting on chitosan. Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide containing β-1,4-linked D-glucosamine (GlcN) and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine (GlcNAc) residues. Chitosan is located in the cell walls of some fungi and within certain green algae, such as Chlorella. Until recently, chitosanases have been studied primarily in bacteria and fungi. Microbial chitosanase can be used for nutritional purposes or for cell-wall degradation of certain fungi. In many plant species, chitosanases were identified as pathogenic proteins. However, some plant chitosanases are involved in defending host plants by degrading the cell walls of fungal invaders.

Chitosanases are useful for the production of many biomedical and biotechnology products. They can be used to produce low molecular weight chitosan and chitosan oligomers, which have various biological activities including antifungal, antibacterial, antitumor, and immune-enhancing activities. Furthermore, research has demonstrated that chitosan and chitosan oligosaccharides can induce plant defense mechanisms by promoting callose and chitosanase synthesis. Typically, artificial chitosan is commercially produced by the alkaline deacetylation of shellfish (usually crab or shrimp) chitin. However, the rising environment and sustainability concerns have triggered development of commercially viable biosynthesis of chitosan from natural or renewable sources, which largely relies on enzymes including chitosanase. Other applications of the enzyme, including fungal protoplast technology, cytochemical chitosan localization using chitosanase-gold complexes, and fungial control agents, are also being investigated. Like most enzymes, the practical applications of chitosanase depend strongly on characterization of the enzyme. Therefore, quantification of chitosanase activity would significantly benefit the exploration on these applications.

Creative Enzymes performs highly customizable enzymatic activity assays for chitosanase through spectrophotometry. The quality of our tests is assured with the most advanced spectrophotometric instrument and skillful scientists. Various difficulties may be found during discovery and development for new applications, and Creative Enzymes will always help to solve these challenges to carry your research to the next stage. Creative Enzymes is always your best choice of satisfying services.

Enzyme Activity Measurement for Chitosanase Figure: The crystal structure of chitosanase from B. circulans.

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