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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Deoxyribonuclease II

Creative Enzymes is one of the few companies worldwide specifically developing and providing contact services of enzyme activity assays. We’re able to work together with our customers to solve specific problems, optimize the processes and develop new enzyme assay methods. Herein, Creative Enzymes is honored to offer the precise enzyme activity assay for deoxyribonuclease II.

Deoxyribonuclease II (EC; DNase II) is an enzyme which is classified into a unique family of nucleases and is known to be involved in many processes in the cell. DNase II cleaves DNA through hydrolyzing the phosphodiester backbone of DNA molecules by a single-strand cleavage mechanism and generates 3’-phosphate groups. The mechanism of the cleavage event is mediated by a catalytic center that contains a critical histidine residue. Different from most nucleases, DNase II does not require divalent cations and may have an acidic pH optimum. Zinc and copper have strong inhibitory effects on DNase II activity. Additionally, certain monovalent cations, such as sodium, also have inhibitory effects on DNase II at strikingly high concentrations. DNase II exhibits an acidic pH optimum of approximately 5.0, although its activity can be detected over a broader pH range. DNase II is expressed in a ubiquitous tissue during development and localized subcellularly in lysosomes. Interestingly, this enzyme can also be found in nuclear fractions. It may be that DNase II is activated in lysosomes and transferred to nuclei to degrade DNA. In humans and rodents, three acidic DNase II have been identified: DNase IIα, DNase IIβ, and L-DNase II. L-DNase II derives from leukocyte elastase inhibitor (LEI) and exhibits a serine protease inhibitor activity and a cytoplasmic localization. It has been suggested that LEI acts as a molecular switch between life and death through apoptosis.

Functionally, DNase II of Trichinella spiralis can be considered as a candidate protein for the therapy of autoimmune diseases, DNase II-deficient diseases or cancer. Moreover, activation of DNase II is vital to block the replication of potentially harmful DNA, thus preventing malignant development. Therefore, understanding how DNase II is activated and functions in DNA degradation will be useful in improving our knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of these complicated developmental processes. Likewise, it is also necessary to monitor the activity of DNase II to understand its catalytic mechanism.

Creative Enzymes is the leading company in the field of enzyme assays which is well known to provide the best customer satisfaction. We are qualified for offering the most precise enzyme activity quantitation for DNase II by using the most reliable and cost-effective spectrophotometric assay. The quality of our assay results is ensured by the most advanced spectrophotometric instruments and our experienced scientists. By constantly striving for services of utmost quality, Creative Enzymes has earned the trust of countless customers, and is proud to provide highly sophisticated contract services to facilitate your research.

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CAS No.9025-64-3
CAS No.9025-64-3
SourcePorcine spleen
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