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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Glutathione Peroxidase

Creative Enzymes is proud to provide spectrophotometric activity assays for glutathione peroxidase. The quality of our test results is ensured by the team of our experienced scientists and the most state-of-the-art spectrophotometric instruments.

Glutathione peroxidases (EC; glutathione:hydrogen-peroxide oxidoreductase; GPxs) represent a family of enzymes with complex evolutionary relationships and are characterized to have multiple activities, reducing partners and cellular localizations. Some glutathione peroxidases are selenoproteins using glutathione to catalyze the reduction of H2O2 and organic hydroperoxides, but recently several nonselenium glutathione peroxidases with cellular activities different from their canonical antioxidant role have been identified. Although the classification of glutathione peroxidases is complex and has been repeatedly revised, it seems that seleno glutathione peroxidases may still be classified into four major groups: 1) GPx1 is ubiquitous and found in the cytosol of most cells; 2) GPx2 is also cytosolic but is confined to the gastrointestinal tract; 3) GPx3 occurs in the plasma as a glycoprotein; and 4) GPx4 is found in mitochondria and interacts with complex lipids, such as cholesterol and lipoproteins damaged by free radicals.

The crystal structure of the human glutathione peroxidase 1. Figure: The crystal structure of the human glutathione peroxidase 1.

Seleno glutathione peroxidases catalyze the reduction of hydrogen peroxide by glutathione. In the glutathione cycle, reduced glutathione is regenerated via glutathione reductase. Glutathione peroxidases protect against oxidative damage by detoxifying a wide variety of reactive oxygen metabolites such as hydroperoxides, including those derived from unsaturated fatty acids, nucleic acids, and other important biomolecules. The decrease in glutathione peroxidases activity will give rise to more hydrogen peroxide, leading to a direct tissue damage and activation of nuclear factor-κB–related inflammatory pathways.

Glutathione peroxidases also play an important role in clinical research. It has been reported that the presence of low levels of glutathione peroxidases in the serum is considered to be a contributing factor to vitiligo. Additionally, glutathione peroxidases have been shown to be related to some disorders, such as type 2 diabetes, relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis and celiac disease. Therefore, glutathione peroxidases become more and more important and much more detailed knowledge of them should be gained, especially through their catalytic assays. Creative Enzymes is the leading company in the field of enzyme activity assays, which is well known to provide the best customer satisfaction. We are proud to offer the enzymatic assays for glutathione peroxidases in a precise and timely manner. In a word, Creative Enzymes is your trusty-worthy partner who can provide any customized service found nowhere else in the industry.

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