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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Hydrolases Acting on Ester Bonds

Creative Enzymes is now ranked on the top of the biochemical service industry. We have earned trust of tens of thousands of clients over the past several years with test results of consistent, high quality. We insist in a high investment to maintain a strong enzymologist team, who developed advanced and customized activity assays for various research purposes. The in-house analytical facility also accumulated extensive experiences on testing hydrolases.

Hydrolases are the enzymes that catalyze various hydrolysis reactions and can be classified into several subclasses. The first subclass, EC 3.1, includes enzymes act on the ester bonds, therefore also named as esterases. These enzymes catalyze hydrolysis reactions of esters, thioesters, and phosphates, which cover a wide range of chemicals important to genetics, cell signaling, metabolisms, and physiological structures. The spectrum of substrates determines the critical roles of esterases in many industries. For example, a mixture of enzymes are often used in household cleaning to remove tough stains under mild conditions, or in waste treatment to degrade greasy organic wastes. The EC 3.1 hydrolases also break down the cell signaling molecules such as acetylcholine and play an important role in neurotransmission. Nucleic acids such as DNA’s and RNA’s are based on phosphoester and phosphodiester linkages. Many EC 3.1 hydrolases specifically cleave the phosphoester and phospohodiester bond, digesting DNA’s and RNA’s into small fragments, or, in a reverse reaction, catalyzing synthesis of DNA’s and RNA’s. The various applications of these enzymes in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and therapeutic research, and environmental protection have attracted growing interest of global researchers on these enzymes. Although some enzymes are well characterized and studies over the past few years, the catalysis mechanisms of many others stay unknown. Further understanding of the mechanism and applications of the enzymes rely on accurate quantification of the enzyme activity under different conditions. Creative Enzymes is well recognized as the expert in testing enzymatic activity of hydrolases. We developed highly reproducible enzyme assays based on robust analytical methods, including spectrophotometric, chromatographic, and fluorometric analysis.

In addition, Creative Enzymes is also able to provide custom assays to deliver results for particular research needs. The high efficiency and accuracy of our test results have been praised by our clients for many years. To better serve your research, we strongly encourage a detailed description of the service request, including the purpose, challenge, and expectation. As always, we will keep the pioneering position in the enzyme service market and hope to join you on the way to success.

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