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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Keratan-Sulfate Endo-1,4-Beta-Galactosidase

Creative Enzymes is an experienced industrial biotech company specialized in enzyme activity assays. The highest quality standard for our services is one of the pillars of our global success and the basis of our high-level customer satisfaction. Fully equipped with the most advanced spectrophotometric instruments, we are proud to offer the reliable enzyme activity measurement for keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase which is performed in a professional and timely manner.

Keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase (EC; keratan-sulfate 4-beta-D-galactanohydrolase; endo-β-galactosidase) is an enzyme that hydrolyzes internal endo-β-galactosyl linkages in keratan sulfate, and glycoconjugates with N-acetyl-lactosamine repeating units. This enzyme also acts on some non-sulfated oligosaccharides, but only acts on blood group substances when the 1,2-linked fucosyl residues have been removed. Besides, keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase play a pivotal role in glycosaminoglycan degradation and other metabolic pathways. The systemic name of this enzyme is keratan-sulfate 4-beta-D-galactanohydrolase, which is also known as endo-beta-galactosidase, keratan sulfate endogalactosidase, keratanase, and keratan-sulfate 1,4-beta-D-galactanohydrolase. The keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase found in Flavobacterium keratolyticus is one of several enzymes that can hydrolyze internal galactosidic linkages of oligosaccharides containing repeating units of N-acetyl-lactosamine. Besides the enzyme from F. keratolyticus, the enzymes obtained from microbial sources, namely Escherichia freundii and Bacteroides fragilis also are the most commonly used enzymes. These three enzymes have been demonstrated to be connected with glycoconjugates from various sources, including those attached to the surface of human erythrocytes.

Functionally, keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase from B. fragilis can be used to distinguish between GlcNAcβ1-6Gal and GlcNAcβ1-3Gal units within linear backbone sequences of all known types of oligo-(N-acetyllactosamino)glycans. Besides, keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase from Pseudomonas sp. serves as a critical role in the studies on structural variability of keratan sulfates of different origin. Likewise, keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase from Citrobacter freundii act as a useful tool for studying the structure of glycoproteins and oligosaccharides.

Creative Enzymes is completely prepared for providing the precise enzymatic activity measurement for keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase, which is determined by using the spectrophotometric assay. We are a group of scientists who have been working on enzyme activity assays for years. The quality of our results is assured with the most advanced spectrophotometric instruments. In addition, we surpass our competitors with a quick turnover of the activity assays in response to the request of either a typical activity determination or a customized task.

The crystal structure of keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase from Sphingobacterium multivorum Figure: The crystal structure of keratan-sulfate endo-1,4-beta-galactosidase from Sphingobacterium multivorum.
UniProt: Q9ZG90

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