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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Oxidoreductases Acting on CH-OH Group with NAD or NADP as Acceptor

Creative Enzymes provides the most reliable enzyme activity measurement for oxidoreductases acting on carbon groups. These oxidoreductase enzymes use NAD as the electron acceptor and designated as EC 1.1.1. Besides many years of experiences and expertise on the specific enzyme assays, the high-quality results provided by Creative Enzymes is also secured with the most advanced Spectrophotometric instruments, including UV/vis spectrometers and colorimetric equipment.

Enzyme Activity Measurement for Oxidoreductases Acting on Carbon with NAD or NADP as Acceptor Figure: The structures of NAD and NADH in a redox reaction. The nicotinamide and adenine moieties are highlighted in green.

The EC 1.1.1 enzymes are oxidoreductases that act on CH-OH groups, mainly alcohols. The oxidoreductase enzymes utilize NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) as the cofactor to catalyze the oxidation reaction of the alcohols. The NAD cofactor in the oxidized state usually carries a positive charge, and therefore is also abbreviated as NAD+, and the reduced form of NAD contains one more hydrogen atom than the NAD+ and is often referred as NADH. Although both NAD and NADH have UV absorption peak at 260 nm, NADH has strong UV absorbance at 340 nm, while NAD+ does not. As a result, most reactions catalyzed by EC 1.1.1 enzymes can be monitored at 340 nm as an indicator of conversion between NAD+ and NADH. In the practice of enzyme activity measurement, however, many other molecules, sometimes including the solvent, also have UV absorbance at 340 nm, which makes activity assays intricate. Creative Enzymes clearly understands the challenges and the factors that underlie these challenges. We have demonstrated excellent sensitivity and steadiness of the spectrophotometric assays for these oxidoreductases under largely varied conditions.

Creative Enzymes has helped our customers for years in different industries. Our ability to test the enzyme activity has been endorsed by many customers as the first choice for enzyme activity measurement. As long as the target oxidoreductase enzyme is on the following exhaustive list, it falls right into our expertise, and you can expect an outstanding activity test result.

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