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Enzyme Activity Measurement for Pyridoxine 4-Dehydrogenase Using Spectrophotometric Assays

Creative Enzymes is an expert in enzyme activity measurement. We are proud to provide the most reliable activity quantification results for oxidoreductases, such as pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase. The top quality of our services is supported by a team of experienced enzymologists equipped with the latest models of UV/vis spectrometers.

Pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase (EC1.1.1.65) is an enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation reaction of pyridoxine, using NADP+ as the redox cofactor, to produce pyridoxal. This enzyme exists in eukarya and bacteria, such as Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Sphingobacterium sp., and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is a member of the enzyme family of oxidoreductases that catalyze the CH-OH group of the substrate and use NAD+ or NADP+ as the cofactor. The systematic name of this enzyme class is pyridoxine: NADP+ 4-oxidoreductase, which is also known as pyridoxin dehydrogenase, pyridoxol dehydrogenase, and pyridoxine dehydrogenase. Pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase bears a valuable function in vitamin B6 metabolism and other metabolic pathways.

Both pyridoxine and pyridoxal are major forms of vitamin B6. Pyridoxine, also called pyridoxol, and its hydrochloride salt, pyridoxine hydrochloride, are used as vitamin B6 dietary supplement which plays an important role in human health. Pyridoxine is devoted to preventing or treating low levels of vitamin B6 in people who suffer from certain conditions such as liver diseases, overactive thyroid, and heart failure, or medications such as isoniazid, cycloserine, hydralazine, and penicillamine. Note that pyridoxine is necessary to maintain the health of nerves, skin, and red blood cells. Similarly, pyridoxal is critical to the vitality of some medically relevant bacteria, such as those in the genera Granulicatella and Abiotrophia. Due to the divers, important functions to the various organisms, the compounds serve the pharmaceutical and biological industries as the key to potential therapies. Therefore, pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase is getting more and more attentions from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Despite of the promising future of pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase in these industries, the activity assay of this enzyme has not been well developed. Creative Enzymes independently developed reliable activity assays for this enzyme, based on deep understanding of its structure and properties. The catalytic activity of pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase is measured by the reduction of NADP+ at 260nm, using the spectrophotometric analysis. The unique and superior service distinguish Creative Enzymes from our competitors. Creative Enzymes is your trustworthy partner for any research and development activities involving pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase.

Enzyme Activity Measurement for Pyridoxine 4-Dehydrogenase Using Spectrophotometric Assays Figure: The crystal structure of pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase from Sphingobacterium sp. (strain 21). UniProt ID: F4CEM1

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