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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Acetate Kinase

Creative Enzymes is one of the top enzyme service providers in the world. Our outstanding reputations are based on the continuous exploration for better quality assays. We have various highly sensitive measurement platforms which provide foundations for the most suitable activity assays. The operations are performed by our experienced experts, and the results are of high reproducibility and accuracy. Acetate kinase is one of the enzymes that have been frequently tested by Creative Enzymes.

Acetate kinase has wide distributions among anaerobic prokaryotes, archaea, and some eukaryotes. This enzyme is one of the earliest identified phosphoryl transferases. It reversibly transfers the phosphonate group from ATP to acetate, forming ADP and acetyl phosphate. The enzymatic reaction needs participation of divalent ion, such as Mg2+ and Mn2+.

Acetate kinase plays important roles in multiple, distinct bioenergetics pathways. For example, this enzyme catalyzes the dephosphorylation of acetyl phosphate in fermentative bacteria, which is an essential part of the utilization of energy stored in acetyl-CoA. In fungi, this enzyme is involved in the pentose phosphoketolase pathway and contributes to synthesis of ATP. The product acetyl phosphate has vital physical functions in metabolism. It is not only a precursor intermediates but also a potential regulator of signal transduction pathways. It has been demonstrated that the response regulators can directly utilize acetyl phosphate rather than ATP as a phosphoryl donor. Besides, a number of studies have indicated that cellular levels of acetyl phosphate may change the in vivo function of response regulators through modulation of their phosphorylation states. The significant position of this enzyme has aroused great attentions. The regulation of its activity is of prime interests in metabolomics, and Creative Enzymes is able to offer reliable assays of the enzyme.

Figure: The crystal structure of  acetate kinase from Methanosarcina  thermophile
Figure: The crystal structure of acetate kinase from Methanosarcina thermophile.
Reference: Buss KA et al. J Bacteriol. 2001 183(2): 680-686.

Creative Enzymes has a strong background on activity measurement for both purified enzymes and enzymes in cell lysates. Our assay quality on acetate kinase is beyond the top level in the industry. The assay results are far more precise than the assay kit while enjoying a rapid turnover. The efficient and high-quality outputs are approved by many customers. In the future, Creative Enzymes will keep making every effort to perfect the assay services.

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