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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Alpha, Alpha-Trehalase

Creative Enzymes is particularly professional in providing enzyme activity assays. We have the superb scientist team, excellent equipment, and advanced technologies. In the past several years, Creative Enzymes has made remarkable contributions to scientific research all over the world. We have showed the capability of performing precise enzyme activity assays for hydrolases such as alpha, alpha-trehalase.

Alpha, alpha-trehalase (EC is an anomer-inverting glucosidase that catalyzes the hydrolysis of the alpha-glucosidic O-linkage of alpha, alpha-trehalose. The reaction releases initially equimolar amounts of alpha- D-glucose and beta-D-glucose. This enzyme is classified into family GH37 of the Carbohydrate-Active Enzyme (CAZy) classification. It is widely distributed in microorganisms, plants, invertebrates, and vertebrates.

Trehalose has a multifunctional physiological role in various organisms ranging from bacteria and fungi to invertebrates and higher plants. Trehalose is a common source of energy, and its role as a universal stress protectant is also becoming increasingly clear. Cellular damage resulting from temperature extremes, osmotic oxidative stress, toxic chemical exposure, desiccation, hydrostatic pressure changes, or nutrient starvation has an effect on the production and utilization of trehalose. As for insect, trehalose is particularly important because the hydrolyzed glucose provides energy essential for flight. Therefore, the inhibition of the hydrolysis process attracts much attention for the development of insecticides. However, the lack of crystal structure limits the studies and the functional research on this enzyme. Nowadays, only the structure of alpha, alpha-trehalase from E. coli has been obtained. Enzymatic activity is a basic parameter of its properties. Creative Enzymes helps research on the mechanism and kinetics of this enzyme with the spectrophotometric assays, through the detection of hydrolyzed glucose using glucose oxidase or peroxidase enzymes. The method is of high accuracy and can deliver results in a short time.

Enzyme Activity Measurement of Alpha, Alpha-Trehalase Figure: The crystal structure of alpha, alpha-trehalase from Escherichia coli in complex with validoxylamine.
Reference: Gibson, R.P. et al. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 2007 46(22):4115-4119.

Creative Enzymes is a leading company which provides reliable assay services for alpha, alpha-trehalase. The rigorous attitude, skilled operations, customized approaches, and comprehensive analysis for every test distinguish Creative Enzymes from other service providers. In the future, Creative Enzymes will closely follow the advances in techniques and continue provide the best assay services to customers.

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CAS No.9025-52-9
CAS No.9025-52-9
CAS No.9025-52-9
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