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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Alpha-Glucuronidase

Creative Enzyme has been active in the enzyme industry for many years. Through years of services, Creative Enzymes has accumulated extensive experiences and dramatically grown to the most influential biotech company. We can offer remarkable assay service for all kinds of enzymes with prominent execution. Our high-quality services are approved by numerous customers. Now, we are glad to provide activity assay service for alpha-glucuronidase.

Alpha-glucuronidase (EC is a member of hydrolases and is one of the components of microbial enzyme systems hydrolyzing xylan, the most abundant plant hemicellulose. Its role is to release 4-O-methyl-D-glucuronic acid (MeGLcA) residues linked through an alpha-1,2-glycosidic bond to the main chain of the polysaccharide. Enzymes with these general properties have been identified and isolated from both bacteria and fungi.

Xylan is the main hemicellulose of annual plants and hardwoods, and it is composed of a linear chain of xylopyranose residues joined by beta-(1→4) glycosidic linkages. The main chain is substituted by a variety of compounds, such as arabinofuranose, methyl glucuronate, and acetate, and the arabinoses can be linked to hydroxycinnamic acids. Alpha-glucuronidase participates in the degradation of xylan, therefore, it can be used in the biomass conversion. However, the activity determination of this enzyme is somewhat complicated. This enzyme releases only MeGLcA residues that are linked to a single D-xylopyranosyl residue or to the nonreducing terminal xylopyranosyl residues of xylooligosaccharides. Therefore, the activity of a-glucuronidases can be determined on xylan as a substrate only in the presence of other xylan-depolymerizing enzymes, or on linear aldouronic acids upon acid or enzymic hydrolysis of glucuronoxylans. The excellent assay protocols at Creative Enzymes guarantee the best quality for enzyme activity results. We can provide suitable and reliable approaches under a vast variety of conditions. The activity determination of xylan is based on the spectrophotometric assays, with highly accurate results and rapid turnovers.

The structure of Pseudomonas cellulosa alpha-D-glucuronidase complexed with xylobiose Figure: The structure of Pseudomonas cellulosa alpha-D-glucuronidase complexed with xylobiose.
Reference: Nurizzo, D. et al.

Creative Enzymes stands out with the most advanced equipment, extensive experiences, and professional research team, all of which assure the high reproducibility and accuracy of the activity measurement. Creative Enzymes is a trust-worthy partner in the enzyme industry for years. We sincerely look forward to collaborating with you soon.

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