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Enzyme Activity Measurement of D-Amino-Acid Oxidase

Creative Enzymes insists in the best service quality in enzyme activity measurement. Our good reputation is built on the foundation of decade-long experiences and up-to-date equipment. We are particularly professional in activity quantification for oxidoreductases, such as D-amino-acid oxidase.

D-amino acid oxidase (EC, DAAO) is a flavin-dependent oxidoreductase that is expressed in a wide range of species from yeasts to humans. DAAO is capable of remarkably stereoselective oxidation of neutral D-amino acids to the corresponding 2-oxo carboxylate, producing ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. This enzyme is also known as ophio-amino-acid oxidase, L-amino acid:O2 oxidoreductase, and new yellow enzyme.

D-amino acid oxidase has been the subject of over 70 years of biochemical investigations. For example, D-amino acid oxidase is found connected to the brain D-serine metabolism and to the regulation of the glutamatergic neurotransmission. In an active-DAAO-lacked mouse strain, the elevated cerebellar D-serine is observed, affecting behaviors related to cognition and anxiety and indicating DAAO activity may physiologically limit N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDAR) activity by decreasing the local concentrations of D-serine within the astrocytic environment of neurons and synapses in defined brain regions. Understanding of pharmacodynamics and mechanisms of DAAO inhibition and its physiological role in NMDAR function could support the development of the therapeutic pharmaceuticals, such as small molecule inhibitors to treat disorders like schizophrenia or neuropathic pain. In biochemistry, DAAO is used as a biocatalyst in several biotechnological applications, such as the oxidation of cephalosporin C, the deracemition of racemic D-amino acid solutions. It is also the biological component in several biosensors for the determination of the content of D-amino acids in biological fluids. Due to the significance in clinical and specific catalytic chemistry, D-amino acid oxidase is always a popular research topic. Creative Enzymes is able to perform accurate activity tests for D-amino acid oxidase for all research purposes.

Enzyme Activity Measurement of D-Amino-Acid Oxidase Figure: The crystal structure of human D-amino acid oxidase.
Reference: Hopkins, S.C et al. J.Med.Chem. 2013 56: 3710

Creative Enzymes is equipped with latest knowledge and various approaches to provide excellent assay services. Our ability in providing enzyme activity measurement has been recognized by many customers. Creative Enzymes will deliver the best activity assay to satisfy various research needs.

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