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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Diamine Oxidase

Creative Enzymes has been serving the enzyme industry for several years and accumulated decade-long experiences through numerous enzymes activity tests. We already advanced into the world-class testing companies due to excellent services quality and test results. We are able to offer accurate assays for diamine oxidase, among other oxidoreductases.

Diamine oxidase (DAO, EC, formerly EC is a member of the copper-containing amine oxidase (CAO) family, which are distinguished by the presence of a type II copper ion and a protein-derived 2,4,5-trihydroxyphenylalanine quinone (TPQ) cofactor. In the presence of water and molecular oxygen, CAOs catalyze the oxidative deamination of primary amines to the corresponding aldehyde with the concomitant production of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. One of the most representative substrates of DAO is histamine. This enzyme can also act on some primary monoamines but have little or no activity towards secondary and tertiary amines.

Despite the wide range of distributions, the diamine oxidase in humans is always of key studies. Diamine oxidase is encoded by AOC1 and related to the metabolism of histamine in vivo. It is believed to be the frontline enzyme involved in clearing both endogenous and exogenous histamine and is speculated to be released from basolateral vesicles to clear histamine in response to an external stimulus. DAO is most highly expressed in the placenta and kidney, in particular, it has been suggested that placental human DAO levels are indicative of a healthy pregnancy, with DAO activity increased up to 1000-fold in the blood of pregnant women. For its central position in physiology, more research focus on its structures and functions. Creative Enzymes offers the best enzyme activity assays to meet your demands for any research purpose.

Figure: The crystal structure of human diamine oxidase.
Figure: The crystal structure of human diamine oxidase.
Reference: McGrath, A.P et al. Biochemistry. 2009 48: 9810-9822 

Creative Enzymes is equipped with the cutting-edge equipment and constantly updated professional skills. We have grown into the most influential enzyme testing company all around the world. In the future, Creative Enzymes will continue serving as your most reliable partner.

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