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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Endoglycosylceramidase

Creative Enzymes devotes all resources of specialized research team to providing rapid and excellent services of enzyme activity measurement. Our services are guaranteed with reliable and reproducible results. We have established the stringent quality control and validation protocols. Now we are proud to announce the assay service for endoglycosylceramidase.

Endoglycosylceramidase (EC belongs to the glycosidases, a group of enzymes that hydrolyze O- and S-glycosyl compounds. This enzyme catalyzes the hydrolysis of the beta-glycosidic linkage between the sugar and ceramide moieties of gangliosides with net retention of configuration at the anomeric center. Some of these enzymes have broad substrate specificity. For example, an enzyme from Rhodococcus sp. degrades various acidic and neutral glycosphingolipids to oligosaccharides and ceramides but it does not act on monoglycosylceramides.

Gangliosides are prominent components of mammalian cell membranes that are particularly prevalent in neuronal membranes. They are implicated in numerous signaling roles, with involvement in the cell cycle, differentiation, communication, recognition, and apoptosis. The potential of gangliosides as therapies for cancer, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, has prompted interest in the development of efficient, large-scale synthesis to replace the current method of ganglioside isolation from contaminant-prone sources. Toward this end, protein engineers have recently harnessed endoglycosylceramidase activity in order to address the difficulties in making these synthetically challenging molecules. Therefore, determination of the enzyme activity is an urgent demand. Creative Enzymes helps to measure the activity by a colorimetric assay. The superb techniques and smart equipment guarantee both the short test time and high accuracy. We also can provide customized services to meet some unique needs.

The crystal structure of Endo-glycoceramidase II from Rhodococcus sp Figure: The crystal structure of Endo-glycoceramidase II from Rhodococcus sp.
Reference: Caines, M.E. et al. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 2007 46: 4474-4476.

Creative Enzymes is one of the most reliable service providers in activity measurement. Our good reputations lay on the foundation of professional knowledge, meticulous services, and precise results. Even for challenging analysis situations, Creative Enzymes is able to come up with solutions based on specialized expertise. With the ultimate goal of perfecting every activity assay for the customers, Creative Enzymes will keep upgrades in the knowledge and equipment.

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CAS No.105503-61-5
CAS No.105503-61-5
SourceE. coli
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