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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Feruloyl Esterase

The business of Creative Enzymes is built on the foundation of throughout specialized expertise and continuous learning and updating of experimental skills. We exceed in providing proper activity assays for different hydrolases. Based on the advanced equipment and the extensive experiences, the assay results for feruloyl esterase are of high accuracy and low variation.

Feruloyl esterase (EC is the enzyme that drives biodegradation of plant cell wall. This enzyme breaks down the constitutive biopolymers into smaller units. More specifically, feruloyl esterase breaks the cross-links among polymer chains by hydrolyzing the ester bond between ferulic acid and arabinose. This enzymatic reaction loosens the firm structure of hemicellulose and facilitates the degradation of plant cell wall.

Feruloyl esterases are found in both bacterial and fungal species. For bacteria or fungi to break down the cell wall, these enzymes increase the accessibility of the cell-wall hydrolases to their substrates, by releasing arabinoxylan from lignin and breaking the crosslinks between arabinoxylan chains. The hydrolyzed product, ferulic acid, can be used in the production of substances of commercial interest. For example, p-coumaric acid, which is commonly used in sun screens, and vanillin, a flavoring agent widely used in the food industry, can both be produced using ferulic acid as a starting material. In addition, these enzymes are exploited for more applications. Considering the current environment and energy issues that concern sustainable development, feruloyl esterases have become major tools in biofuel production and paper production. Besides, these enzymes are useful in synthesizing anti-cancer drugs, providing ferulic acid as precursor. Noticing the huge potentials in food processing, fine chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, a great number of studies on these enzymes are aroused. To support such studies, Creative Enzymes provides reliable activity assay services based on chromatographic analysis, which can achieve accurate determination of enzymatic activity.

The crystal structure of feruloyl esterase from Aspergillus niger Figure: The crystal structure of feruloyl esterase from Aspergillus niger.
Reference: Mcauley, K.E. et al. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 2004 60:878-87.

Creative Enzymes is a leading supplier of enzyme services. Staying at the front line of the enzyme service industry, Creative Enzymes develops and perfects the technical skills and procedures. In the future, Creative Enzymes will continue assay services as your trustworthy partner.

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