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Enzyme Activity Measurement of NADPH Dehydrogenase Using Spectrophotometric Assays

Creative Enzymes is determined to become the world-class enzyme service provider. As testified by many customers in the past, our high-quality services and professional knowledge are approved in the global market. Our activity assays of oxidoreductases are guaranteed with reliability and reproducibility. One of the most popular services is the activity assay of NADPH dehydrogenase.

NADPH dehydrogenase (EC is a family of flavoproteins that catalyze the NADPH-dependent reduction from an acceptor to its reduced form. The first step in this reaction is the formation of a charge transfer complex between the flavin cofactor and the nicotinamide, followed by a hydride transfer from NADPH to FMN. The enzyme is reduced efficiently by NADPH, while the reaction with NADH is about 20-fold slower in some species. Members of this family have been found in bacteria, yeasts, plants, and nematodes, but their physiological functions are mostly unknown.

NADPH dehydrogenase can act on a variety of substrates such as different α, β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds, including ketones and esters. These chemicals are versatile intermediates in organic synthesis. In general, traditional chemical synthesis is limited by chemoselectivity and regioselectivity as well as high environmental impacts. Enzymatic approaches would represent a valuable “green” alternative. Recently, research on the relationship between structures and functions emerges rapidly. Studies have shown that although only moderate gene sequence identity is shared with many species, the structures are quite similar. The enzymes all consist of the typical (β/α)8 barrels, and FMN is bound at the C-terminal end. The studies on the exploitation of new enzymes contribute to obtaining high specificity and improving catalytic efficiency for unique substrates. The mutants of existed NADPH dehydrogenase are also an access to get enzymes with special activities.

The structure of xenobiotic reductase A from Pseudomonas putida., which belongs to the NADPH dehydrogenase family Figure: The structure of xenobiotic reductase A from Pseudomonas putida., which belongs to the NADPH dehydrogenase family.
Reference: Spiegelhauer, O. et al. J.Mol.Biol. 2010 398: 66-82

Creative Enzymes provides accurate assay services for NADPH dehydrogenase activity, suitable for both the wild type and the mutant enzymes. Our outstanding skills and advanced equipment will support your research in a rapid and efficient way. Creative Enzymes is always the top choice for enzyme activity testing.

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CAS No.9001-68-7
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