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Enzyme Activity Measurement of N-Acetyllactosamine Synthase

Creative Enzymes is specialized in solving challenges in enzyme activity measurement using efficient and precise assays. Our advantages are built on the world-class technologies and the smart facilitates. Creative Enzymes’ expertise stems from the fundamental theories of enzymology and connect with the most recent knowledge. Our ability for enzyme activity testing is admired for high quality and rapid turnovers. Activity tests of N-acetyllactosamine synthase are among the most popular ones of our services.

N-acetyllactosamine synthase (EC, formerly EC catalyzes the transfer of galactose from UDP-gal to suitable acceptor. In vivo it forms a terminal GlcNAc residue on an N-linked oligosaccharide of a glycoprotein. In vitro it may transfer a galactose to free GlcNAc, forming N-acetyllactosamine or to the terminal GlcNAc of a glycoprotein. The catalytic reaction needs divalent cations, such as Mn2+, Ca2+, and Mg2+.

This enzyme belongs to the glycosyltransferases, which are membrane-bound enzymes of the Golgi complex and must function in the lipid-rich environment of the bilayer. Recently, the control of the activity of this and other glycosyltransferases has been studied extensively at the substrate level. It is believed that lipids will exert a regulatory effect on these enzymes quite apart from those observed at the substrate level. N-acetyllactosamine synthase has significances in biotechnology, medicine, and biosynthesis. For example, this enzyme can be useful in the glycosylation of cytokines, enzymes, or other glycosylated biological macromolecules, modifying their functions for use in medical therapies. It can also contribute to the synthesis of N-acetyllactosamine, which is thought to play roles in normal cellular recognition as well as in malignant transformation and metastasis.

Enzyme Activity Measurement of N-Acetyllactosamine Synthase Figure: The catalyze reaction of N-acetyllactosamine synthase.

Creative Enzymes is one of the few companies that can provide enzyme activity assay services for N-acetyllactosamine synthase. The customized methods and skilled technologies are assurance of unparalleled quality. Creative Enzymes will never stop progressing and will continue our services as your most reliable partner.

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CAS No.9054-94-8
CAS No.9054-94-8
SourceE. coli
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