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Enzyme Activity Measurement of Polyphosphate Kinase

Creative Enzymes has been known for the excellent performance on enzyme activity measurement. Our distinguished advantages includes the professional experts, automated data management, standardized quality control, and reliable results. The assay services can be finished in time with high accuracy. We are specialized in testing transferases such as polyphosphate kinase.

Polyphosphate kinase (PPK, EC catalyzes the extension of inorganic polyphosphate (polyP), using ATP as a phosphate group donor. This enzyme has wide distributions from pathogenic bacteria to mammals. The majority of enzymes need the participation of Mg2+ in the catalytic reaction, and the rest may need Mn2+.

The polyphosphate (polyP) is a linear polymer of inorganic phosphate. PolyP is a structural unit that has important significances in bacterial pathogenesis. It is related to the stress response under nutritional stringencies and critical environment. By rapidly producing polyP, the expression of many stress-inducible and stationary-phase-inducible genes are affected in transcriptional level. PolyP is also involved in the regulation of ribosomal proteins’ degradation. With catalysis of the generation of polyP, polyphosphate kinase has aroused great attentions. It has been identified that PPK is essential for motility, quorum sensing, and biofilm formation, which makes important contributions to antibiotic resistance of clinically important pathogens. Meanwhile, due to the indispensable position in releasing of virulence factors, PPK has become an attractive antimicrobial drug target. The inhibitors of this enzyme are also applied to eradicate non-multiplying bacteria. Although the unique sequence which differs from other protein families brings obstacles for its research, a boom of studies is still focused on PPK as well as polyP. Activity measurement is the efficient means for screening the inhibitors. To this end, Creative Enzymes provides sensitivity and steadiness activity assays for both pure enzymes and intracellular enzymes.

igure: The crystal structure of Escherichia coli polyphosphate kinase.
Figure: The crystal structure of Escherichia coli polyphosphate kinase.
Reference: Zhu, Y. et al. Embo Rep. 2005 6: 681-687.

Creative Enzymes’ assays of polyphosphate kinase outperform the universal kinase assay kits. The measurement is both rapid and precise. In addition, we are able to customize more targeted plans for different demands. The results are guaranteed with high reproducibility and less variation. Enzyme activity assay services of Creative Enzymes are the best choices for your research.

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CAS No.9026-44-2
CAS No.9026-44-2
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