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Transgenic Plants Enzyme Expression System

Creative Enzymes is an innovative leader in the development, optimization, and scale-up of enzyme expression and production, for the global enzyme market. We partner with diverse customers to support their needs in novel and unique enzymes. Creative Enzymes has accumulated extensive experiences in gene expression and enzyme production through long-term research in different expression systems. This knowledge of various expression practices lead to the best case-specific design and operation for every enzyme.

Expression and production technologies for recombinant enzymes utilized today range from prokaryotic systems such as Escherichia coli and Bacillus, to eukaryotic systems such as yeast, Aspergillus, mammalian and insect cell cultures, transgenic animals and plants. E. coli system is the workhorse of the biotechnology industry but does not work perfectly for expressing eukaryotic genes, particularly if the protein product must be glycosylated and terminally processed. Besides, the recombinant enzyme could be toxic to bacteria, form inclusion bodies, or be degraded by proteases. Mammalian and insect cell cultures are mainly used for producing pharmaceutical proteins due to their capability of performing glycosylation and processing the recombinant enzyme in a similar manner to that of the native host. Transgenic animals have recently emerged as a promising system for producing human proteins in milk, because mammary glands are capable of performing correct post-translational modification including complex glycosylation and γ-carboxylation. Nonetheless, with all things considered, transgenic plants are potentially one of the most economical systems for large-scale production of recombinant enzyme for industrial and pharmaceutical uses.

Advantages of transgenic plant systems include the low cost of growing plants on large acreage; the ease and low investment in scale-up; the availability of natural protein storage organs; and the established practices for their efficient harvesting, transporting, storing, and processing. Other potential advantages that transgenic plants offer include: (1) the elimination of the purification requirement when the plant tissue containing the recombinant enzyme is used as a food or feed supplement; (2) the possibility to compartmentalize recombinant enzymes in different organelles; (3) the low risk of contamination with animal pathogens including viruses since no plant viruses have been found to be pathogenic to humans. Although transgenic plants are known to have disadvantages such as insufficient information on posttranslational events and the lack of data on downstream processing, Creative Enzymes has the best experts in the field to minimize the impact of these potential issues and properly produce the desired enzymes in the most suitable plant.

Creative Enzymes has a large amount of resources, including skillful and experienced scientists, and state-of-the-art technology, devoted to protein expression and recovery, production and production, and system development and optimization. Our expertise on downstream processing and purification allows us to offer the best-in-class systems to solve specific problems during development of an enzyme of interest. Generally, Creative Enzymes offers flexible and customizable contracts to customers in various enzyme expression systems. Our passion for high service quality is only exceeded by our excellent reputation in the global marketplace.

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