Function of Cytochrome P450

December 24, 2018 enzymes 0

Introduction Humans are continuously exposed to a wide variety of environmental chemicals, drugs, food additives, and pollutants that could eventually impair cellular metabolism with detrimental […]

Principles of Enzyme Catalysis

November 12, 2018 enzymes 0

Most current thinking about catalysis of enzymes is based on Pauling’s original suggestion that enzymes work by binding and thus selectively stabilizing the transition states […]

Enzyme Inhibitors

October 31, 2018 enzymes 11

Modulators, moderators, or modifiers refer to compounds that influence the rates of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. The effect of enzyme inhibitors is usually to reduce the rate, […]

Enzyme Formulation

October 8, 2018 enzymes 20

In order to adapt to various needs, and taking into account economic and application effects, enzyme preparations are often supplied in four formulations. Liquid Enzyme […]