Zymogen Introduction

January 24, 2019 enzymes 0

Zymogen, also called proenzyme, any of a group of proteins that display no catalytic activity but are transformed within an organism into enzymes, especially those […]

Function of Cytochrome P450

December 24, 2018 enzymes 2

Introduction Humans are continuously exposed to a wide variety of environmental chemicals, drugs, food additives, and pollutants that could eventually impair cellular metabolism with detrimental […]

Principles of Enzyme Catalysis

November 12, 2018 enzymes 0

Most current thinking about catalysis of enzymes is based on Pauling’s original suggestion that enzymes work by binding and thus selectively stabilizing the transition states […]

Enzyme Inhibitors

October 31, 2018 enzymes 11

Modulators, moderators, or modifiers refer to compounds that influence the rates of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. The effect of enzyme inhibitors is usually to reduce the rate, […]