The High Potency of Soybean Lecithin

Phospholipids are the basic components of human cells (cell membrane, nuclear membrane and plastids membrane), which are closely related to human nervous, reproductive and hormone functions. Therefore, it has high nutritional value and medical value. In some developed countries of Western Europe, lecithin is known as the “three major nutrients”, which is equal to protein and vitamin. Soybean phospholipid is the product extracted from the oil residue of soybean oil production. It is an ester composed of glycerol, fatty acid and choline. It is soluble in grease and non-polar solvents. The lecithin content of soybean lecithin is the highest, so it can be directly called soybean lecithin, which is a visible yellow to brown viscous liquid or white to light brown solid powder.

Modern people live in a fast pace and lose a lot of phospholipid nutrition. Therefore, timely supplementation of complete phospholipid is absolutely necessary for modern people. In view of the fact that soy lecithin health food is a kind of functional health food, Even if there is no immediate effect, but with a comprehensive, long-term, stable effect, and no side effects of the drug, so medical scientists also began to pay attention to the positive role of lecithin in the prevention of disease.

The main health functions of soy lecithin are:

1) Regulate metabolism and enhance physical function

In high-intensity physical activity and high-intensity physical activity, muscle cells need to rely on the information transfer and substance transfer of phospholipids to obtain the required nutrients and energy, and to eliminate metabolites in the body. In this physiological cycle, phospholipids will be decomposed and consumed in large quantities. At this time, only by timely supplementing enough phospholipids can human muscles continuously obtain energy and nutrition. This is because phospholipids are one of the essential components of cells. Phospholipids can effectively enhance cell function, enhance cell metabolism, and enhance the ability of cells to eliminate lipid peroxide. This is the main reason after eating phospholipids will clearly feel energetic and relaxed body in human body. At present, the significant effect of phospholipids on improving the performance of endurance sports such as marathon and swimming has been proved by western countries.

2) Function of regulating blood lipid, lowering cholesterol and preventing atherosclerosis

The cholesterol that causes arteriosclerosis is fatty and waxy, but if the cholesterol content is too high and accumulates on the wall of the arteries and veins, it will seriously affect blood circulation and cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. The “amphiphilic” structure of phospholipids (the oleophilic and hydrophilic groups contained in their molecules) makes them powerful emulsifiers. It can make the cholesterol in blood and neuter adipose decompose very small particle, in order to facilitate the absorption of the organization and metabolization, make those are not on hemal or little deposit, the silky that maintains hemal wall and expedite. Thus effectively reduced the “three high” (high cholesterol, hypertension, high blood fat), prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

3) The function of preventing and curing alzheimer’s disease

The body begins to age when the number of deaths in cell metabolism exceeds the number of births. With age, the amount of cholesterol in the body increases faster than the amount of phospholipids. As a result, the cell membrane becomes hardened, which is also caused by excessive saturated fatty acids in phospholipids. Cell membrane sclerosis in the human body can slow down the exchange of important substances that maintain life activities, leading to cell aging and even the aging of the whole organism. Alzheimer’s disease is a brain artery lesions, brain neurotransmitter – acetylcholine reduced, brain cells die prematurely, the total number of surviving cells reduced, resulting in brain aging caused by the disease. The elderly take phospholipid can increase the unsaturated degree of fatty acids in phospholipid, it can supplement the phospholipid in brain cells, activate and regenerate brain cells, and ensure that there is enough choline in the body and acetyl in the human body to synthesize acetylcholine, so that it can provide sufficient information for the brain to transmit substances, effectively prevent and treat alzheimer’s disease.

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