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Creative Enzymes is a world-wide provider of the best enzyme products. We now offer medical enzymes for pharmaceutical and diagnostic uses. In contrast to the industrial uses, enzymes of therapeutic uses are requested in relatively lower amounts but at a very high degree of purity and specificity. We have the capability to assure high-quality enzyme products based on our advanced equipment and professional techniques. In the past few years, the reliability of our products has been approved by thousands of customers and scientists. Specialized in the medical industry, the various kinds of enzyme products of Creative Enzymes will support your research in multiple areas.

For medical synthesis and new medical development
The applications of enzymes in the medical industry mainly depend on their efficiency and specificity in catalyzing reactions. In medicinal synthesis, the enzymes can catalyze the pro-drugs and transform them to functional pharmaceuticals. For drug development, using enzymes is an increasing trend in achieving chiral resolutions, instead of chemical catalysis. Up to now, there are numerous pharmaceuticals manufactured through enzymatic synthesis. For example, the pro-drug compact in is produced using cytochrome oxidase form pravastatin, and it is a treatment of cholesterol related diseases. Creative Enzymes supplies enzyme products with high purity and stable activities, which will meet all your demands for medical applications.

For therapeutic uses
Due to their specific and accurate regulatory characteristics, enzymes have been widely used as therapeutics for many diseases. For instance, enzyme drugs are employed in the treatment of digestive tract diseases and infections. With recent progresses in bioengineering, more techniques have been developed for discovery of enzyme drugs. It can be expected that enzyme drugs will grow with prosperity in the next decade. Creative Enzymes has a variety of enzyme products for therapeutics, including amylases, proteases, lipases, cellulases, lysozymes and so on. Creative Enzymes follows a high standard in production of every enzyme product. Therefore, the quality of your research will be satisfied with highly active and stable enzyme products of Creative Enzymes.

For diagnosis and analysis
The principle of using enzymes to diagnose and analyze biological abnormalities is based on the fact that the activity of endogenous enzymes is sensitive to the health condition. Alternatively, enzymes can also be used to detect changes in the substrate concentrations, which could also be indicative of physiological disturbances. For example, using cholesterol oxidasefor quantification of cholesterol can reveal potential cardiovascular diseases or high blood pressure. Creative Enzymes provides high purity enzyme products which can be applied in development of diagnosis and analysis tools. Our enzyme products cover oxidoreductases, transferases, hydrolases, lyases, isomerases, and ligases. They can also be used in biotechnologies for analysis and detection methods, such as coupled multi-enzyme reaction assays and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

Creative Enzymes have the best enzyme products to support your research in the medical field. Based on the most advanced equipment and high-standard progress, our products are of high purity and catalysis specificity. The specifications of our products meet most customers’ demands. For special request, we also provide customized products. Overall, Creative Enzymes is proud to serve the customers with unparalleled high product quality.

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