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Creative Enzymes has demonstrated expertise in biocatalysis development. We provide service covering the whole process of a biocatalyst development, including the design, synthesis, expression, purification, evolution, production and valiation of a specific enzyme that catalyzed the desired reaction. Our remarkable team is capable of create highly customized enzymes: some accept a wide range of substrates, and some are exceptionally selective. These enzymes also catalyze reactions with incomparable chiral (enantio-) and positional (regio-) selectivities. Thetechnical platform is based on ourwell-established technology, which gives high efficiency inboth simple and complex chemical transformations without the need of the tedious protecting and deprotecting steps in traditional organic synthesis, which does not just complicate the operation process but also lead to low yield. We would like to help you to design highly selective enzymes, which facilitate effective reactions with fewer by-productsin a more environmentally friendly fashion.

A typical workflow of the development of biocatalytic processes is illustrated in the figure below. In order to achieve the economically feasible bioconversion, three essential elements should beconsidered: the type of biocatalyst to be used, a specific reactor, and hardware configurations.With years of experience our team has accumulated plenty of knowledge of optimizing these elements to achieve the ultimate goal. Although some examples of biocatalysis have been commercialized in the past few years, many challenges still remain on the path to applications in more reactions. For example, in some cases, due to the highly heterogeneous biocatalytic processes, a specific design of the catalyst–hardware interface is necessary to maintain desired reaction rates and chemical equilibrium.

Creative Enzymes provides immobilized biocatalysts as heterogeneous catalysts that aresufficiently economicthroughrecovery and reuse. Besides regularenzymes, we also provide multi-enzyme systemsfor specific reactions such as coenzyme-dependent oxidoreductions.

 Reference: Schmid A, Dordick J, Hauer B, Kiener A,  Wubbolts M, Witholt B. Industrial biocatalysis today and tomorrow. Nature.  2001;409:258-68. Reference: Schmid A, Dordick J, Hauer B, Kiener A, Wubbolts M, Witholt B. Industrial biocatalysis today and tomorrow. Nature. 2001;409:258-68.

Our expert team provides the most professional solutions to and services for the design and development of the most effective routes to pharmaceutical ingredients, key chemical intermediates, and specialty chemicals.

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