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Enzyme Engineering and Modification

Creative Enzymes provides the enzyme engineering and modification service to help clients with the increasing needs in improving enzyme activity and properties and creating the perfect biocatalyst for a new reaction. Successful enzyme engineering requires a highly coordinated team that is able to symphony expertise and resources in multiple biochemical areas. Creative Enzymes is one of the few companies that provide solutions to such challenging tasks. After many years in serving companies and research institutes, we have demonstrated the reliable quality of our services.

Enzymes, as highly efficient and specific catalysts, have become more and more popular in biomedical and industrial use. While researchers and consumers enjoy the advances in enzyme commercialization, more challenges emerged regarding the needs in the next generation of the biocatalysis technology. An apparent need is to generate more efficient, more stable enzymes that enables applications in new products and markets, such as a high efficient protease for better laundry performance or a stabilized therapeutic enzyme for longer plasma half-lives. What is even more creative is to generate new enzymes to catalyze new reactions that cannot be found from natural resources. With recent progresses in structural biology, biochemistry, and computational chemistry, most of these needs can be met given enough resource and time. Two strategies are mainly used to achieve the desired enzymes: rational design and directed evolution, although in some case, the two approaches can both be used to complement each other.

1. Rational design

Design of a new enzyme or an improved enzyme is highly dependent on the knowledge of the sequence, 3-dimentional structure, and catalysis mechanism of an enzyme. A structure-activity model can be built based on the information, and new sequences can be generated with predicted properties. More background information could generate more reliable model, which means more realistic prediction. The following expression and testing will further refine the model and eventually confirm the creation of the target enzyme. As computational chemistry becomes more powerful, a special type of rational design could heavily rely on computational simulation rather than biological data, which is also called de novo design. The design commonly uses a sequence library and existing enzymes as the learning pool to generate amino acid sequences that will result in specific activity and properties. Sequence homology alignment and molecular dynamics are often used to improve the computation efficiency and accuracy. Although de novo design is now still limited to few particular cases, it has showed promising results in designing small coenzymes and short peptides.

2. Directed evolution

Having the structure-activity knowledge of an enzyme is definitely helpful, but it is not always available to everyone. Directed evolution may help to obtain the target enzyme even without a clear structural or mechanistic basis. A model enzyme is often used as the starting point of directed evolution, which could be the enzyme that catalyzes a similar reaction, or an enzyme with lower activity or stability. Modern molecular biology and high-throughput technology allow multiple rounds of random mutagenesis and targeted selection to gradually change the enzyme structure and eventually generate the desired enzymes. This process is similar to the natural evolution of enzymes, and may give the target enzyme without knowing the exact action mechanism.

Engineered enzymes have already showed growing use in therapeutic and industrial products. Creative Enzymes is glad to help every customer in the search of more advanced enzymes. Our strong technical advantage is based on a large community of biochemical scientists, who bring the latest progresses in enzymology to serve your need. You will stay with the most recent enzyme engineering technics once you choose to partner with Creative Enzymes.

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