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Enzyme Engineering and Modification

Creative Enzymes provides the enzyme engineering and modification service to help clients with the increasing needs in improving enzyme activity and properties and creating the perfect biocatalyst for a new reaction. Successful enzyme engineering requires a highly coordinated team that is able to symphony expertise and resources in multiple biochemical areas. Creative Enzymes is one of the few companies that provide solutions to such challenging tasks. After many years in serving companies and research institutes, we have demonstrated high reliability of our services.

Enzymes have become more and more popular in biomedical and industrial use. While researchers and consumers enjoy the advances in enzyme commercialization, more challenges emerged regarding the needs in the next generation of the biocatalysis technology. An apparent need is to generate more efficient, more stable enzymes that enables applications in new products and markets. What is even more creative is to generate new enzymes to catalyze new reactions that cannot be found from natural resources. With recent progresses in structural biology, biochemistry, and computational chemistry, most of these needs can be met given enough resource and time. The chief objective of enzyme engineering is to produce an enzyme that is more useful for industrial and other applications. Many properties of an enzyme may be modified to achieve the objective:

Enzyme Engineering and Modification Figure: A scheme of PEGylation of urate oxidase. Left: the unmodified urate oxidase shown in the surface model. Right: the urate oxidase covalently linked to PEG molecules.

Up till now, many tools became available for enzyme engineering, and more examples of successful engineering are displayed every year. Two strategies are mainly used to achieve the desired enzymes: rational design and directed evolution, although in some case, the two approaches can both be used to complement each other. In addition, de novo design is also available through powerful computational modeling.

Compared to enzyme engineering, enzyme modification is generally less challenging. The existing enzymes can go through certain structural alterations and hence, the resulted function and catalytic activity allow new catalyzed pathways of reactions. In addition, modification could also enhance biochemical properties, pharmacokinetics, and stability. Enzymes can be physically modified in immobilization and encapsulation. Researchers also extent naturally occurring chemical reactions of enzymes to other chemicals such as polymers, aldehydes, imidoesters and anhydrides, to give enzymes more divers properties. In addition, chemists have developed a large set of reactions that label the enzymes through post-expression modifications.

Engineered enzymes have already showed growing use in therapeutic and industrial products. Creative Enzymes is glad to help every customer in the search of improved and optimized enzymes. Our strong technical advantage is based on a large community of biochemical scientists, who bring the latest progresses in enzymology to serve your need. You will stay with the most recent enzyme engineering technics when you choose to partner with Creative Enzymes. Please contact us for the diverse services:

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