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Enzyme Expression and Purification

Creative Enzymes has decades of experiences in enzyme expression and purification. We provide a series of services including gene cloning, expression, and optimization and purification of enzymes. Our stable and full-fledged platform is capable of creating high-level expression, productivity, and purity of enzymes in a variety of host systems. We bring the expertise to sophisticated enzyme purification processes with high efficiency and stability. Our objective is to provide the most efficient and cost-effective services according to your specifications and requirements.

Although enzymes have been successfully produced in industrial scales, the process is more challenging than it appears. Many issues may emerge during the expression of workhorse enzymes in the biological, chemical, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries, such as low productivity, low expression, endotoxins, misincoporation, and enzyme premature turnover. Several expression systems have been applied with significant distinct shortcomings. The bacterial expression system has advantages including low cost, short time, high-level expression, and ease scale-up, but the host in many cases does not handle enzyme expression correctly, and could result in dysfunction of the target enzyme. One example is that the bacterial system may miss necessary post-translational modifications. In addition, the fungal expression system sometimes introduces toxins during expression. Using our powerful expression platform, we will select the most suitable host based on the need of specific enzymes, with consideration of purity, biological integrity, and potential toxicity. We provide competent and stable expression systems included bacterial expression systems, yeast expression systems, baculovirus expression systems, and mammalian cell expression systems.

After the enzyme expression, the crude enzyme product should be purified properly to be stored or used with stable activities over time. On the top of enzyme expression, we also provide the purification service for enzymes from natural sources or customized designs. We offered three main purification methods which are separately based on the ionic properties of enzymes (salting out, electrophoresis, and ion exchange chromatography), adsorption capabilities (adsorption and affinity chromatography), and molecular sizes (dialysis, filtration, and size chromatography). Our goal is to obtain the maximum yield, stability, and purity of enzymes after purification. The purification strategy is illustrated in the figure below.

Enzyme Expression and Purification Figure 1. A schematic flowchart of enzyme purification.

Creative Enzymes will best tailor these services based on customers’ research needs. With extensive experiences in enzyme production, we are able to offer the best services:

For enzyme expression and production

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