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Environment and Waste Management

Enzymes for Environment and Waste management by Creative Enzymes

Enzymes are natural catalysts that selectively break down a mixture of larger molecules. The increasing success rate of their use in bioremediation processes, backed by recent progresses in enzyme technology, inspires new possibilities for environment protection. Creative Enzymes provides a wide range of products including high purity enzymes and custom blends to help with maintaining a clean environment.

Environment and Waste Management Enzymes Selection Guide

Categories Cat. No. Product Name  

Effluent Treatment & Detoxification
These superior products contain selected microorganisms that are custom formulated into one solution. The products effectively degrade toxic substances in wastewater through natural biochemical processes, leaving the water non-hazardous to the environment.
WME-2700 Microorganisms and enzymes blend for Petroleum sewage Get a quote
WME-2710 Microorganism blend for Denitrification Treatment in Waste Water Get a quote
WME-2722 Enzyme blend for treating sewage Get a quote
WME-2721 Enzyme blend used in wastewater Get a quote

Deordorization for Farms and Pets
Designed with the knowledge of animal health and microbiology, the products composed of enzymes, plant extracts, and buffers designed are used to remove the odors from farmlands and keep pets clean and healthy.
WME-2715 Enzyme blend for treating poultry manure lagoons Get a quote
WME-2716 Enzyme blend for eliminating obnoxious odors of companion animals Get a quote
WME-2717 Enzyme blend for treating slaughterhouses Get a quote
WME-2718 Enzyme blend for treating horse waste products Get a quote
WME-2719 Enzyme blend for treating swine waste products Get a quote
WME-2720 Enzyme blend for treating septic tanks Get a quote
WME-2723 Enzyme blend for treating malodors Get a quote

Bio-Degradation of Organic Materials
Organic wastes, including expired food and kitchen trash, lay heavy burdens on our environment. These products consisting of microbes and enzymes are used to breaks down and solubilize organic wastes, before releasing directly to the environement.
WME-2711 Enzyme blend for digesting waste oils Get a quote
WME-2712 Enzyme blend for treating organic waste Get a quote
WME-2713 Enzyme blend for treating drain pipes Get a quote
WME-2714 Enzyme blend for digesting solid organic materials Get a quote
Supported by the outstanding research team, Creative Enzymes provides various enzyme solutions for many applications. To discuss the details of these products, please call 1-631-562-8517 or e-mail us at:, or use our contact page: Contact.

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