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Ionic Strength on Enzyme Stability

Creative Enzymes is dedicated to advanced solutions for enzyme-related application by providing stabilization services. The stability test of an enzyme product plays a pivotal role in deep development and following quality control. We offer reliable tests of the effect of ionic strength on enzyme stability. We also partner with diverse and unique customers to support them in stability optimization. We are fully prepared to provide bespoke stabilization services to customers from all industries.


  • All ionic strength in virtually any type of solution.
  • Valuable for enzyme activity, structural stability & enzyme solubility.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Industry-leading technical expertise.

Enzyme Ionic Strength Test Services Workflow

Enzyme Stability against Ionic Strength by Creative Enzymes

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Creative Enzymes has developed multiple methods to improve enzyme stability and create efficient biocatalysts. Our services demonstrated the power of modification and stabilization of enzymes, which leads to robust and efficient activity in desired products. After several years of service, Creative Enzymes has gained a majority of the market share in the field and served thousands of customers.

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