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Creative Enzymes offers enzyme labeling services both in vitro and in vivo. We have developed the enzyme labeling techniques to accommodate virtually any need for all types of biomolecular probes. With decades of experiences and unique technologies, Creative Enzymes makes commitment to providing customers with the highest quality enzyme labeling services.


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For all these different services, we provide fully customizable labeling services with consultation to clients. To discuss project details, please call 1-631-562-8517, e-mail us at:, or use our contact page: Contact.

Creative Enzymes has developed a series of enzyme labeling techniques and reagents to meet various research requirements. Enzyme labeling leads to the covalent attachment of different molecules, including biotin, reporter enzymes, fluorophores and radioactive isotopes, to the target enzyme. While multiple types of labels are available, their versatile uses are preferable for specific applications.

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