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Genome Engineering

Genome engineering is focusing on altering the entire cellular milieu in a less targeted and more global fashion. Therefore, it is an introduction of multiplex genome wide perturbations into target organisms. Due to the complexity of the organism system, it is believed that the search for a gene target in a whole genome scale is necessary.

Advances in high-throughput genome engineering techniques have accelerated the construction of large strain libraries for pathway engineering. Methods such as MAGE and synthetic sRNAs directly target tens of pre-selected genes with high specificity, whereas other techniques such as gTME, SCALEs and TRMR first generate libraries of strains with randomized genome-wide mutations and subsequently perform selection to identify the genotype conferring the desired traits. Recently, CRISPR-Cas9 (or dCas9) system has emerged as a versatile tool for multiplex genome engineering. Besides traditional methods such as single gene knockout or overexpression, combinatorial strategies would eventually build biological new features to provide more favorable conditions for industry.

Our services rely on combinatorial strategies of global genome engineering for custom pathway expression optimization. We are capable of generating large combinatorial libraries and designing the most suitable screening assays based on liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry, or high-throughput methods, such as FACS or positive growth selection, that facilitated with biosensors.

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Common tools for genome engineering Figure 1. Common tools for genome engineering. (A) gTME; (B) TRMR; (C) MAGE; (D) CRISPR.
(Chinese Journal of Biotechnology 2013)

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