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Enzyme Engineering by Rational Design

Creative Enzymes is proud to offer the enzyme engineering service, which generates modified enzymes targeted at improved properties and activities. Based on in-depth knowledge of structural biology and enzymatic catalysis, we perform superior enzyme engineering services by rational design.


  • Professional consultation to find the best strategy: random, rational, or combined approach.
  • Powerful computational simulation: MSA analysis; coevolutionary analysis; and 3D structure prediction.
  • Sophisticated high-throughput screening assays.
  • Identification of best performing variants based on kinetics, selectivity, stability etc.

Rational Design Workflow

Rational design workflow

Rational Design Bioinformatics analysis and molecular modeling Get a quote
Random & combinatorial mutagenesis
Deletions and insertions of protein fragments (loops, domains)
High-throughput screening for improved enzymatic activity in mutant libraries

Q1: Why choose rational design to enhance enzyme properties?

Rational design shows many advantages over other methods. For example, the propose mutations are introduced after an evaluation and design, which increases the probability of beneficial mutations. In addition, this process significant reduce the library size, thus less effort and time have to be applied. Rational design results in improved biochemical properties of enzymes in a controlled and predictable manner, including the kinetic properties of enzymes, thermostability, temperature optimum, stability in organic solvents, and substrate specificity.

Creative Enzymes has developed and optimized the enzyme engineering services powered by rational design. Our comprehensive knowledge in applying methods to build models have significantly contributed to the engineering progress for enzymes of customers’ interest. We look forward to serving you with the best enzyme engineering service.

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