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Enzyme Engineering by Directed Evolution

Creative Enzymes has a world-class capacity of enzyme engineering. Our directed evolution service, along with multiple enzyme engineering tools, fills the client needs in improving enzyme activity and properties. Our directed evolution service earned trust of thousands of customers with unique advantages and excellent quality.


The Application of Directed Evolution Services by Creative Enzymes


  • Convenient: no physical template required.
  • Advanced design: can create a reasonable diversity and avoid the undesirable mutant.
  • Large library volume: reach more than 1012, creating rich diversity and high capacity.
  • Superior quality: can greatly reduce the screening workload and raise the success possibility.
  • Strong ability: generate variants that cannot be created through conventional methods.

Directed Evolution Services Workflow

Directed Evolution Services Workflow by Creative Enzymes

Featured Directed Evolution Services

Featured Directed Evolution Services by Creative Enzymes

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Directed Evolution services supplied by Creative Enzymes include a variety of different approaches for creating genetic variants with a maximum of control and efficiency. We offer customers oriented directed evolution, and carefully tune the tools to avoid possible short comes and maximize the resulted efficiency on every stage of enzyme engineering. With the support of Creative Enzymes, your research is on the accelerated track of success.

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