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Enzyme Modification by Immobilization

As an enzyme expert, Creative Enzymes is engaged in providing the best products and services for worldwide researchers, especially for enzymes modification. Immobilization is one of the most popular methods that were initially developed for biotechnology processes. Creative Enzymes offers enzyme immobilization services with reliable outcomes, improved performance, and surface analysis.

  • Quick and rational design
  • Custom immobilization of enzyme of interest
  • Available at any scale with short lead times
  • Variable particle size of immobilized enzyme: 0.05-1mm
  • High loading rate: > 45%, up to 85%

Enzyme Immobilization Workflow

Enzyme Immobilization workflow

Enzyme Immobilization Technical service for enzyme immobilization Get a quote
Custom immobilization
Process optimization

Q1: How to select the matrix?

The key point to determine the performance of the immobilized enzyme is the characteristics of the matrix. Ideal support properties include bio-compatibility, physical resistance to compression, inertness towards enzymes, hydrophilicity, ease of derivatization, resistance to microbial attack, and availability at low cost. As there are no general rules for selecting the best support for a given application, Creative Enzymes gives professional suggestions on choosing the best matrix. In addition, Creative Enzymes has numerous matrix materials, such as agarose, macroporous acrylic polymers, and nanomaterials, which can satisfy needs in many industries.

Enzyme Modification by Immobilization

Creative Enzymes has practiced many immobilization methods and understands advantages and drawbacks of each one. The interaction between the enzyme and support provides an immobilized enzyme with particular biochemical and physicochemical properties that determine their applicability to specific processes. Creative Enzymes can develop appropriate techniques based on the full consideration of both the nature of the enzyme properties and the carrier characteristics.

Creative Enzymes’ immobilization services are targeted at both industrial use and laboratory research. We will make every effort to satisfy your unique enzyme modification demands. Having testified by thousands of customers, our service quality has obtained unanimous praise. We look forward to serving you with our reliable immobilization service.

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