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Enzyme Stabilization by Micelle and Reverse Micelle

To improve the efficiencies of enzyme reactions, Creative Enzymes exploits the system of micelles and reverse micelles to stabilize enzymes. Our expertise in enzyme stabilization continues providing flexible and suitable approaches to all customers. Each service demand is thoroughly investigated, and the custom service is performed in rapid turnover and with high accuracy.

  • Efficient stabilization in solution
  • High stability of modified enzymes
  • A wide range of selections on surfactants and disperse systems
  • High cost-effective and satisfactory results

Enzyme stabilization workflow

Creative Enzymes has the expertise and techniques to offer enzyme stabilization through formation of micelles and reverse micelles.

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Stabilization by micelles or reverse micelles
Stability testing
Customization and optimization

Q1: Should I consider enzyme stabilization, especially with micelles?

Enzymes show great potential in the manufacture of food products, pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals. Despite all the advantages, commercial exploitation of enzymatic synthesis remains rather limited. One of the main reasons is the need for a water-rich environment to preserve enzymatic biocatalytic activity. This necessity for an aqueous phase constitutes a significant problem for a number of biochemical reactions of commercial interest. In order to overcome the limitations and to make an enzymatic process attractive, reaction media more suitable than the aqueous phase are necessary to be developed. One of them is the reverse micelle system. Enzymes in reverse micelles systems are found owning increased stability. Similarly, enzymes can also be dispersed in a water phase using a micelle system. Some enzymes showed higher stability and activity in the non-aqueous micro-environment.

the formation of micelles Figure. A scheme showing the formation of micelles.

Our services include the proper selection of surfactants for the formation of micelles and the incorporation of enzymes in micelles. We also take other customer request into consideration. For example, we also demonstrated the techniques that entrap enzymes into micelles forming an optically transparent solution. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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