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Enzyme Stabilization by Use of Additives

As the enzyme expert, Creative Enzymes always provides the best products and services in the industry. Considering the need in enzyme modification and properties enhancement, we offer reliable support and services to a wide range of customer for more efficient and more stable enzymatic catalysis. It has been demonstrated to be an economic and effective choice to stabilize enzymes by adding stabilizers into the formulation. The approach offers extraordinary flexibility of process optimization, in addition to a grate cost-performance balance.

Enzyme Stabilization by Use of Additives workflow

It is essential to stabilize of the native structures of proteins and prolong the useful life of an enzyme. Therefore, Creative Enzymes provides enzyme stabilization by use of additives.

Enzyme Stabilization Using Additives Structural and sequential analysis Get a quote
Additive screening and selection
  • Substrates and similar ligands
  • Organic molecules of low molecular weight
  • Specific metal-ion and non-specific ionic additives
  • Polymers and proteins
Kinetics analysis
Stability testing

In Creative Enzymes, the establishment of the stabilization system is based on our specialized enzymologists and our extensive experience. For more information of the service, please contact us.

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