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High-throughput Screening of Inhibitors

Creative Enzymes enjoys an outstanding reputation in enzyme industries for the professional technical consultation and advanced technology platform. To provide full support to therapeutic development and food and chemical processing, we recently launched the high-throughput screening service that is specialized for enzyme inhibitors and ligands. The service is focused on all enzymology parameters that can be used to indicate binding affinity or activity of the candidates. As testified by many customers in the past, our high-quality services stand out for multiple industrial applications.

Inhibitors high-throughput screening workflow

Workflow of high-throughput screening of enzyme inhibitors

Recently, the search for small-molecule inhibitors has expanded beyond kinases and proteases with many new enzyme targets originating from academic groups. Creative Enzymes now offers screening services for phosphatases, deacetylases, lipases, esterases, transferases, isomerases, reductases, ligases, glycosidases, and convertases.

Inhibitor screening Technical support and computer aid Get a quote
Construction of inhibitor libraries
High throughput assays and screening
Determination of activity measurement

The high-throughput screening can be rapidly completed using our pre-built libraries or can be customized for specific targets. We are happy to offer a complementary technical session for discussion of the experiment design. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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