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Enzyme Engineering by Random Mutagenesis and DNA Shuffling

Creative Enzymes provides reliable enzyme engineering services to make specific modifications. Our random mutagenesis and DNA shuffling service combines practical approaches and the efficient selection. The service screens a vast number of variants and identifies candidates with improved properties. Creative Enzymes provides mutant libraries with high diversity and accuracy. The professional service is based on our comprehensive understanding of the relationship between sequence and function.

  • Fast, cost-saving DNA clones
  • Large mutant libraries and efficient screening
  • Upstream and downstream services: template DNA sequencing or activity measurement
  • Competitive prices

Random Mutagenesis and DNA Shuffling Workflow

 Random Mutagenesis and DNA Shuffling workflow

  Service Timeline
Upstream Services Template DNA sequencing 1-2 weeks Get a quote
Gene synthesis
Express cloning into free expression vectors
Random Mutagenesis and DNA Shuffling Construction of mutagenesis library Inquiry Get a quote
Design of activity assay method
Library screening
Downstream Services Expression and purification Inquiry Get a quote
Condition optimization
Structural analysis and mechanism study

Q1: What’s the difference between random mutagenesis and DNA shuffling?

Random mutagenesis is the most straightforward strategy for library construction, in which the full gene of an enzyme is randomly mutated. The desired function is then obtained by targeted selection. This approach requires no structural or mechanistic information, and can uncover unexpected beneficial mutations. Although random mutagenesis technique is a relatively simple and easy-to-conduct approach, the frequency of gaining beneficial mutations is generally low. In addition, random mutation may lead to either a library too large to screen successfully or to incorporation of mutations that lead to loss of functions. Gene shuffling can overcome the limitations by allowing a large number of beneficial mutations from multiple genes to be incorporated at a single step of the library creation process.

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