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Enzyme Encapsulation

Enzyme Encapsulation by Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes provides multiple enzyme modification technologies to customers. Among these, encapsulation of enzyme inside of a host semi-permeable membrane or entrapment in a network matrix such as hydro-gels and other polymeric materials, is of particular interest. In addition, the fabrication process is easily transferrable to other manufacturing sites and does not need sophisticated equipment.


  • Encapsulation processes preserving native enzyme structures and activity
  • Efficient protection against enzymatic degradation
  • Low viscosity solutions of highly concentrated enzymes for achievable therapeutic dosage
  • Biocompatibility / Safety
  • High encapsulation efficiency

A Variety of Enzyme Encapsulation Services

For all these different services, we provide fully customizable encapsulation services with consultation to clients. To discuss project details, please call 1-631-562-8517, e-mail us at:, or use our contact page: Contact.

Various encapsulation materials have been extensively studied and used for enzyme immobilization to overcome the trouble of enzyme deactivation and deformation. Creative Enzymes is excited to offer the world-class enzyme encapsulation technique to clients. Based on our cutting-edge facilities and industry-leading expertise, your partnership with Creative Enzymes is positioned to succeed.

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