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Screening of Enzyme Activators

Creative Enzymes is one of few companies that offer specific identification services for enzyme ligands, especially for ligands other than inhibitors. There is no need to mention the key role of studying enzyme inhibitors in development of therapeutic agents. However, other ligands such as activators are often neglected in enzyme product development and enzyme function regulation. In some cases, upregulation of an enzyme activity is irreplaceable for success of a drug candidate. During enzyme product development, efficient activators are also desired to precisely release and boost the enzyme functions under certain conditions. However, finding a proper activator could be even more challenging than finding an inhibitors because 1) Enhanced enzyme activity often results in shorter assay time and requires larger quantities of substrate for the assay; 2) Unlike inhibitors, activators may work through various mechanisms, such as allosteric regulation or interactions with the substrate, and do not necessarily show strong binding with the enzyme. Therefore, most affinity-based screening may fail in finding the best activator; 3) The chemical nature of the activator may be very different from the natural enzyme substrate. Whereas an enzyme inhibitor often has a similar structure or the same type of structure as the enzyme substrate. This makes it difficult to choose a starting point for activator screening. Fortunately, Creative Enzymes was able to develop assays that specifically and efficiently identify enzyme activators, based on our decade-long experience in enzyme assays. We even offer high-throughput screening in search for activators.

Application and advantages

  • Quantitative evaluation of activators of enzymes
  • Batch-based accurate measurement and comparison of activator candidates
  • High-throughput screening to search pre-built libraries containing > 10,000 candidates
  • Both surface- and solution-based assays are available
  • Enzyme profiling in disease states or under different treatments (drug, growth factors, hormones, etc.)

The nature of activator screening is highly technical. Creative Enzymes encourages customers to consult with us for complementary feasibility evaluation. We promise to provide the most professional and comprehensive support in identification and screening of the enzyme activators.

Enzyme Activators Screening Services Workflow

Enzyme Activators Screening Services Workflow

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