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Evaluation of Cofactors and Additives

Different from direct regulators of enzymes activities, such as inhibitors and activators, cofactors, coenzymes, and other additives affect the enzyme functions in a relatively indirect way. For example, an NAD-favored oxidation reaction may proceed slower when only NADP is available for the enzyme to catalyze the reaction, but it may be caused by a tighter binding of NADP/NADPH to the enzyme and thus result in more specific substrate preference. In addition to activity changes, cofactors and other additives are also very important to structural and functional stability of the enzymes, especially in a long term in aqueous solutions. Therefore, choosing the right cofactors and additives is also a key step in enzyme formulation. Creative Enzymes would like to help you test and determine the effect of various additives and ligands for the enzyme of your interest to satisfy the need of research and product development.


  • Valuable for enzyme stabilization, storage & optimization of reaction conditions
  • Assays and methods developed for each particular request
  • Comprehensive & specialized services
  • Professional & one-stop solutions

Evaluation Services Workflow

Workflow of cofactor and additive evaluation

Multiple Additive Selection Guide

Multiple Additive Selection guide

Choosing the right cofactors and additives requires strategic consideration of the development cycle and ultimate goals. We are happy to provide initial consultation in the early stage to minimize the cost and time for product development. To tell us more about your project and to receive information on pricing and production time, please call 1-631-562-8517 or e-mail us at, or use our contact page: Contact.

Our reliable and comprehensive testing services will help customers improve the enzymatic reaction efficiency and with better control of an enzymatic reaction. We are happy to design and perform assays for virtually all types of additives and cofactors.

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