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Household and Daily Use

Enzymes have been used in household products to improve the quality of our life. For example, adding to the detergent to enhance the cleaning efficiency. Besides, enzymes are popular for daily personal use, including cosmetic, shampoo, and body care. The protein nature of enzymes determines the gentleness on skins and the environment. In addition, we developed our products for high quality and reliably performance to meet all industrial demands.

Cleaning and Detergency

Today, these enzymes are core ingredients in powder and liquid detergents, stain removers, laundry pre-spotters, automatic dishwashing detergents and industrial/medical cleaning products. We provide most competitive performance to meet the increasing industrial need.

Cat. No. Product Name Inquiry
DETE-2632 Carbohydrase enzyme blend for Detergent Get a quote
DETE-2629 Concentrated cellulase for detergent
DETE-2628 Concentrated α-amylase for detergent
DETE-2627 Concentrated lipase for detergent
DETE-2626 Concentrated neutral bacterial protease for detergent
DETE-2625 Neutral bacterial protease for detergent
DETE-2624 Alkaline Lipase for detergent
DETE-2623 Alkaline Protease for detergent
DETE-2622 Alkaline Amylase for detergent
DETE-2621 Alkaline Cellulase for detergent
LEB-004 Concentrated Formulation for Cleansers

Consumer Products

Enzymes can be added into many daily chemicals to improve performance. These products have great stability and guaranteed safety when used in manufacturing of consumer products.

Daily Chemicals
Cat. No. Product Name Application Inquiry
BODY-2818 Protease-based enzyme formulation for toothpaste Get a quote
BODY-2817 Anti-oxidant enzyme blend for hair care
BODY-2816 Natural protease-enzyme blend for hair care
BODY-2815 Lipase-based enzyme blend for shampoos
BODY-2814 Proteases enzyme blend for skin cleansers
BODY-2813 Proteases enzyme blend for creams
BODY-2812 Anti-oxidant enzyme blend for skin
BODY-2811 Lipase-based enzyme blend for cosmetic

Creative Enzymes provides unique enzyme products for household and consumer products. The first-in-class quality and capability of custom production support all development activities. Please contact us to get more product information.

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