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Creative Enzymes brings cutting-edge technologies to solve the unique demands in your enzyme research. Creative Enzymes performs contract research, through professional and specialized knowledge. In addition to native and recombinant enzymes, we also design and produce artificial enzymes. Our synzymes service include the design and synthetic process as well as the subsequently enzyme activity analysis.

  • Specialized technologies in design, synthesis, and production
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Template based or de novo design
  • Highly customized for each request

Synthetic Enzymes workflow

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Synthesis and production
Evaluation of them in vitro and/or in vivo activity

Q1: What types of synzymes are provided by Creative Enzymes?

Creative Enzymes accumulated experiences and knowledges from the successful cases and provides a wide range of synzymes.

This type of synzymes are simply derived from proteins. One of the examples is the derivatization of myogolobin, by attaching (Ru(NH3)5)3+ to three surface histidine residues. This modification changes it from oxygen carrier to an oxidase.

Synzymic cyclodextrins are usually derived by introducing catalytically relevant groups. β-cyclodextrin with C-6 hydroxyl coenzyme showed transaminase activity with stereospecificity for L-amino acids.

Polyethyleneimine is formed by polymerizing ethyleneimine resulting in a highly branched hydrophilic three dimensional matrixes and about 25% resultant amine have been found to be primary amines. If primary amine is alkylated with 4(5)-chloromethylimidazole, it creates general acid base catalytic sites and results in products as synzymes.

Superoxide dismutase is an enzyme present universally in all living organisms. The possibility of using mimics of the natural enzymes active site for therapeutic use has been considered. Thus, the synzyme offers possibilities for disease treatment caused by the deficiency of natural enzymes.

Fullerene based synzymes have also been constructed, and these synzymes have been shown to cleave DNA oligonucleotides efficiently.

Metal ion complexes of functionalized 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives are also studied as model system for hydrolytic metallo-enzymes.

Creative Enzymes stays at the frontier in synthetic enzymes. The design of synzymes is done by taking the advantage of biomimetic chemistry. Our service covers all steps in synzyme development, including the first synthesis of biomimetic ligands, preparation of similar complexes of the active sites, and evaluation of their in vitro and in vivo activity. We are glad to serve customers with our specialized technologies in design, synthesis, and production of synzymes.

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