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Process Optimization

Once a biocatalyst has been developed into desired functions, one last step to commercialize the technology is process optimization. It is necessary for biocatalytic industries to achieve the best processing conditions.

Traditionally, this optimization step was carried in shaken flasks wherein control of parameters and monitoring are difficult and insufficient, and cultivation modes as fed batch or chemostat are fastidious. After production, the target biocatalyst need to be extracted and purified, which also requires optimization. “Classical” chromatographic procedure, which uses gel filtration, ion exchange and reverse phase liquid chromatography, is laborious and time-consuming. High-throughput techniques therefore are developed to enhance the yield of production in microreactors, as well as efficiency of purification.

For production optimization, two technologies with different designs have been developed and commercialized: monitored microtiter plate cultivations including microfluidic for up to 1 mL culture (a microfluidic flowerplate® BOH compatible with the Biolector® device) and mini-scale bioreactors for from 2 to 100 mL culture (a microfluidic titer plate with micropump chambers to control the feeding). The successive use of these technologies creates a favorable high-throughput strategy for bioprocess development for recombinant enzyme production and screening of enzyme optimal conditions. For purification optimization, high-throughput HPLC analysis is usually available in 96-well microplate format.

Creative Enzymes provides high-throughput process optimization services for custom production conditions and purification. With a large database of experimental strategies and statistical experimental design, we offer professional one-stop services:


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