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Enzyme Folding Facilitators

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Creative Enzymes is experienced and specialized in numerous enzyme testing services. Our extensive and professional tests cover all aspects of the discovery, development and production of enzymes. Although regulations of enzyme activity have been widely studied and used as a powerful tool in enzyme focused research, the reversible folding and unfolding of enzyme molecules is till a forefront in biotechnology. Inhibition and degradation are often blamed for decreased enzyme activity, while structural changes in enzymes are not always considered as an alternative route to enzyme activity regulations. In fact, enzyme folding is one of the most common tool used in natural biological processes. Therefore, Creative Enzymes develops and offers services to screen, identify, selection, and formulation of enzyme folding reagents, including electrolyte, hydrophobes, engineered polymers and chaperone proteins.


  • Valuable for enzyme activity & stability
  • Database for common enzyme classifications
  • Both computational and experimental tests are available
  • Extensive experience & advanced equipment

Services Workflow for Identification and Testing of Enzyme Facilitators

Workflow of Identification and Test of Enzyme Folding Reagents

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Overall, identification and proper selection of enzyme folding reagents are crucial for enzyme activity and stability. We are proud to offer the service for all customers and have already helped hundreds of customers in fundamental research, product development, and process optimization. We look forward to teaming our brilliant scientist with you to solve the particular challenge in any project.

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