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Enzyme Aggregation and Oligomerization

A better understanding of the mechanisms of enzyme aggregation and oligomerization is necessary for formulation, process development, and quality control. Detection and quantification of aggregation and oligomerization is the first step in understanding the processes. After years of exploration and service, Creative Enzymes accumulated extensive experience on enzyme aggregation and oligomerization, as well as crosslinking and precipitation. We are fully prepared for detection of any changes in homogeneity for all applications. Through our unremitting efforts, we have helped thousands of customers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and diagnostic industries.


  • Extensive experience in formulation and stability detection
  • Cutting edge facilities
  • Multiple technologies including SEC, DLS, SAXS etc.
  • Sensitive detection of “invisible” particles
  • Bespoke services & One-stop solutions

The primary tools we use for enzyme analysis include

The tools for enzyme analysis by Creative Enzymes

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Creative Enzymes has decade-long experience in physical characterization of enzyme products and helped to solve challenges in comparability, manufacturing and development of biologics. We look forward to working with you on the next project.

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